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Dog Grooming in Mission, Texas

$5 Off, Dog Grooming in Mission, Texas

When you want your pet to look their best, get dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at Dapper Dog in Mission, Texas. Call us today.

Canine clients throughout Hidalgo County have been enjoying their Dog Grooming experience here since 1996, receiving a full range of pet grooming services, including spa, medicated, and fur-whitening washes, as well as ear cleaning, nail clipping, teeth cleaning, and skin and coat treatments.

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My name is Yvonne Chavez. My brother, Roger and I are both professional dog groomers and have been in the dog grooming industry for 5 years. When you enter our shop either myself, Roger, or our friendly staff will greet you and your pet and explain our services and pricing and make sure you are comfortable before you leave your pet for grooming. All pets are handled with kindness and respect. We use no tranquilizers only tender positive techniques. We have years of professional dog grooming experience, grooming dogs of all breeds. This includes special needs pets, seniors and the "problem child" pet, some who have been sent home from other salons. Our rates our reasonable and we have specials. Puppies first grooming is always at a discount price. Our goal is to provide kind loving treatment of our pets, high quality dog grooming at prices that allow you to pamper them on a regular basis. We use the best quality shampoos, conditioners and skin treatment products.

Dog Grooming Services
      • Professional Dog Grooming Experience
      • All Breed Dog Grooming
      • Large dogs welcome
      • Stress-Free Individual attention for each dog
      • Personalize Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • Nail Trimming
      • Shedding Management Programs
      • De-Skunking
      • We accept problem dogs and help desensitive dogs to grooming sessions.
      • Natural, bio-degradable, Flea, and Tick grooming supplies used

We give your pets the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT they deserve!


We love your pets as much as you do, and it shows! Making animals feel happy is our passion. We excel at treating them with care while providing professional dog grooming cuts. . Your satisfaction (and your pet's) is guaranteed!

We offer professional dog grooming services and pet products and supplies to choose from.

Schedule an appointment for your dog grooming needs here at our Mission, Texas, pet salon.

Call: (956) 739-2201